Carla E. Reyes is proud to be included in the exhibition and catalogue, Collage at 100 – Virtual Annex: Strange Glue (Traditional and Avant-Garde Collage) at Thompson Gallery, Cambridge School of Weston, in Weston, MA. The Thompson Gallery is a teaching gallery dedicated to exploring single themes through three separate exhibitions, offering differing vantages of the selected topic. Named in honor of school trustee John Thompson and family, the Gallery promotes opportunities to experience contemporary art by local, national and international artists and periodically showcases the art of faculty, staff and alumni.

In its first hundred years, collage has become ubiquitous within contemporary art and culture and its myriad of applications have expanded its original definition to become the most inclusive of artistic processes.

“Collage at 100,” is a three-part exhibition series that celebrates the centennial of the appearance of collage in painting. This three-part exhibition will run from Sept. 7, 2012 through June 16th, 2013, and will highlight work from over 100 artists, including celebrated contemporary collage practitioner Michael Oatman, in the final exhibition of the series. “Collage at 100” will be unveiled with an opening reception with the artists on Friday, Sept. 7, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Thompson Gallery.

“There have only been a handful of exhibits that have celebrated the collage’s centennial,” said Todd Bartel, Thompson Gallery Director. “We received over 500 applications for this show, and I reviewed over 3500 works of art. This exhibition is sure to be one of our most popular and densely concentrated shows. It is thrilling for our teaching gallery to take the pulse of contemporary collage after its inception 100 years ago.”

Virtual Annex very well might be the first virtually annexed portion of a larger ongoing exhibit. It is fitting then, that the Virtual counterpart of Strange Glue introduces two new categories that are not represented in the analog show: landscape and conceptual art. Virtual Annex allowed for a deeper exploration of the ways in which collages are constructed. Hopefully, Virtual Annex initiates the search for an exhaustive list of virtual glue types. After all, with such a list indoctrinated into collage’s vernacular, who knows where future generations of artists will push composite imagery. But for the moment, identifying the types of glue that makes up the work in Virtual Annex provides an opportunity to come closer to understanding why these works of art haunt the mind and keep viewers coming back to take another look—precisely what prompted this show in the first place. Finally and poignantly, because the show afforded an opportunity to articulate what would otherwise have laid dormant, it should be considered that the Virtual Annex is the catalyst that activates the Collage at 100 exhibition series.”

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“Collage at 100”
The Thompson Gallery in the Garthewaite Center for Science and Art
The Cambridge School of Weston
45 Georgian Road
Weston, MA 02493
“Strange Glue” (Traditional & Avant-Garde Collage)
Sept. 7 – Nov. 20, 2012
“Strange Glue” (Collage & Installation)
Dec. 19 – Feb. 22, 2013
Michael Oatman (“Another Fine Mess”)
Apr 1, 2013 – Jun 16, 2013


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