The microbe series examines the basic elements of life and existence through visual interpretations of microscopic organisms and cells. These textural paintings are created in large scale – monumentalizing the unobserved and unseen. They reinforce the dichotomy of existence – all living things are at once minuscule and ephemeral in the grand scheme of the universe, while essential and substantial elements with their own unique function and purpose. The images are derived from microscopic photography where florescent dyes were used to delineate the life forms, creating richly chromatic abstract designs and patterns. On a purely aesthetic level, these images were chosen by the artist in an endeavor to move toward brighter, more saturated color schemes and depart from her usual more “earthy” palette.

CarlaArtAroundPark2007MichaelThalerCarla created the first in the Microbes series live at Tompkins Square Park’s Howl Festival – 2007 Art Around the Park annual event in NYC  and Microbes II at the 2009 event!

View slideshow from 2009 Art Around the Park, NYC