Urban Impressionism is a series of abstract, mixed-media works of art exploring the nature and character of specific urban environments through the recreation of actual surfaces, textures, colors and shapes visually extracted from that environment. These textural “thumbnails” create an impression of the surroundings through a sensory response to the local color, characteristic surfaces- man made or natural, and organic or geometric shapes that are prevalent. The Impressionists used reflections of light to describe a scene, allowing the viewer to absorb the landscape through the familiar sensations of and responses to light and color. Urban Impressionism seeks to describe the scenery and atmosphere through sensory associations with colors, textures and forms ubiquitous to that environment, in a more abstract and microcosmic way. These textural “snapshots” explore the juxtaposition and interplay of man made and natural surfaces found in modern urban landscapes. When viewed together, these works create a backdrop of color, texture and form that evoke a particular place and time, and bring the viewer into that environment on a visceral level. Urban Impressionism is also about honing in on the beauty and poetry of seemingly mundane or unrefined aspects of our everyday surroundings.

***This piece, and two other studies (below) from this series appeared in the Raandesk Gallery of Art “Feminine Continuity” solo exhibition of Carla’s mixed media collage paintings at Art@IGC, 16 W 23rd Street, NYC, February 8- April 18, 2008. Opening reception Fri., Feb 8th from 6-9pm.

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The series continues with a suite of larger pieces, two of which are featured below…