Carla’s mixed media “Texture Garden Series” will be featured in an upcoming two-person show at leche-vitrines art alliance in Fort Lauderdale Florida from October 9th through November 3rd.

Gardens are man-made environments incorporating natural elements, creating a contrived natural setting. Plants are carefully chosen, nurtured, and groomed; giving the garden a specific look and feel- controlled by the creator- defying nature as it naturally exists…but does it really? With seasons and climate variations, plants and flowers die, leaves fall and dry up, weeds spring up unexpectedly, and even man made decorative elements rust in the rain, get devoured by insects, blow away in the wind. The garden then, so carefully constructed, gets reintegrated into nature and takes on a new life- unplanned, unexpected…

The Texture Garden Series is an exploration of the interaction between man made elements and nature. How we seek to contrive, control and recreate nature, but our attempts are always in vain- as nature will always persevere. The works represent natural motifs, forms, and textures found in “gardens,” from interpretations of zen rock gardens, to decorative architectural details, to plant forms- all created using combinations of “natural” and man made materials. They are textural snapshots of processes taking place- from growth to decay, all frozen in time- the artist attempting to control nature once again, as expected- but also to show the beauty and profundity of this unending struggle. This “garden” is only preserved in its moment by shielding it from nature- but if exposed- it too would evolve or decay as nature dictates.

“Scratching the Surface” will feature the textural mixed media paintings of Carla Reyes and Katiuska Gonzalez, and will be on view from October 9-November 3, 2007. The opening reception takes place Saturday October 13, 2007, 7-10pm.

Lèche-Vitrines Art Alliance, Inc, 3038 North Federal Highway, Times Square Design Plaza, Building F, 2nd Floor, Ft. Lauderdale, FL